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  • 'Children make fun of me and call me a Vanni. I want to go to school not get married'
  • 'School is where my heart lies'
  • 'We work from morning till evening in the cotton fields. We work in this scorching heat to feed our families'
  • 'Culture is our identity. We want to pass on our art and music to the next generation'
  • 'My trees, my home, my shelter is no more. I am homeless, I am sad'
  • 'This is my fourth daughter. My husband who wants a son does not realize my health is getting bad from worse'
  • 'I have painted a message against the custom of Swara on my truck so that people realize what a cruel custom it is'




Peace and




Ethnomedia is a media organization that uses positive aspects of culture to change the culture of injustice. It reaches out to the targeted audiences through film, music, art, and dialogue. We speak the language of the audiences that we are reaching out to.

The aim is to amplify voices that need to be heard, transform hearts and mind and inspire audiences' to act for change.

We have solutions that are relevant, creative and culturally sensitive.

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Filmmaker by cause
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